Online \ Growth Analyst

Job description

We're currently looking for a freelancer to be the focal point for our online marketing analysis and growth processes. 

The first thing you'll be working on will be assessing the current state of our processes and plan how we can improve quickly.

You’ll be juggling many activity channels related to our online performance and growth processes.

You’ll be working on various activity channels simultaneously, so you’ll need to be a good multi-tasker and very execution-oriented.

You’ll be the master of the A/B testing process: coming up with the best ideas, collecting ideas from the team and managing the testing process. You’ll be relying heavily on conducting data analyses, using tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Optimizely, and Intercom (or other similiar tool). Putting all information to action and working towards constant improvement.

You’ll be handling growing traffic quality and quantity, using a variety of tools and resources: keyword research, technical surveying tools and more. This calls for you to be a proactive spirit, result oriented, self driven and a typical idea generator.

You should be a real star at raising flags befóre things go wrong; and sublime at working towards a solution whenever things do get messy with any stage on our sales funnel.




  • You have a 2+ years of experience in online marketing and/or product growth.
  • You are passionate about growth hacking: not only business models, product marketing, landing pages and optimizing conversions; but also coming up with growth ideas.
  • You’re highly analytic and data driven. You like to work with numbers and are ferocious in pushing to hit those KPI targets.
  • You are advanced with analytics and marketing tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, GTM, Amplitude and Intercom.
  • You can build logical and data-based reasoning for your plans and recommendations and effectively communicate the reasoning for suggested alterations and experiments.
  • You are passionate and motivated, a good team player. For you - delivering results is a passion, not an obligation.
  • Bonus: You have experience in online marketing/ analysis hacking for a SaaS product.


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About TWC

Twitter Counter was conceived and launched as a project of The Next Web in 2009 and recently spun off. With over 300K monthly visitors, data collected from +300 million Twitter accounts and a business model that works, it is bursting at the seams with growth opportunities and online marketing possibilities. We see data-driven decision making and fast feedback loops as the very thing which has been and will be keeping our company’s marketing edge.

For the past 5+ years we’ve been successfully delivering to our users information, analysis and recommendations based on an enormous amount of Twitter data we’ve been gathering and logging.

Knowing what to develop, how to bring in quality traffic at good CPAs and how to optimise the existing assets takes some serious product, marketing and growth abilities. That’s why we insist on working only with the most talented and motivated dev, design and marketing ninjas out there.

Oh, and did we mention we work in the heart of Amsterdam, at the hottest co-working building in town together with The Next Web?